Jet Black Cotton Bomber

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Cool aesthetic

  • A slim fitting, jet black bomber jacket in soft 100% cotton from Milan, Italy with a solid, silver zip as a detail. The light padding keeps the winter chill at bay.

    This cool, confident bomber is a wardrobe essential.

  • SHELL - High grade, 100% cotton from Milan, Italy.

    All our fabrics are carefully selected for their hard wearing and luxurious qualities from the best manufacturers in Italy and Britain.
  • A slim, tailored fit. 

    To craft our superior shape, we spent the entire summer testing our new jackets on over 500 guys from the streets of Soho & Shoreditch in London. Their feedback helped us fine-tune our new patterns. Good just doesn’t cut it.

The Details

Just having the right ingredients isn’t enough. It’s the small details that really count.
  • Silver hardware
  • 100% cotton with soft finish
  • Made in London


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Size Guide

  • A 33.5"
    B 17.7"
    C 36 - 38"
    D Up to 33"
  • A 34.5"
    B 18.1"
    C 38 - 40"
    D Up to 34"
  • A 35"
    B 18.7"
    C 40-42"
    D Up to 35"
  • A 35.5"
    B 19.3"
    C 42-44"
    D Up to 36"
  • A 85
    B 45
    C 91.5-96.5
    D Up to 83.8
  • A 87.6
    B 46
    C 96.5-101.5
    D Up to 86.3
  • A 88.9
    B 47.5
    C 101.5-106.5
    D Up to 88.9
  • A 90
    B 49
    C 106.5-111.5
    D Up to 91.4

Parts of the product measured:

  • A Sleeve Length
  • B Shoulder Width
  • C Chest
  • D Waist

Get the answers to common questions below or get in touch if you have any other questions.

Size FAQs

How do I measure my chest?
Have a mate wrap a tape measure under your arm pits and around your chest and take the measurement at the widest point. The tape should rest across your shoulder blades on your back. 

How do I measure my waist?
Find the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs. In the middle, yep that, that’s your waist. Wrap a tape measure around and make sure it’s parallel.

Long arms?
Chill, our patterns actually have slightly longer sleeves than the other brands. It's part of our fit and style, it just looks better.