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Looking After Your Jacket


If it gets dirty then please softly clean with lukewarm water and a mild soap if it’s a tough stain. Get on top of any marks quickly, the longer you leave them the harder it will be to remove them.

Check out the points below to keep your jacket in tip top condition.

  1. Please don’t put your jacket in the washing machine. The fabrics are delicate and this can upset their shape and colour.
  2. Do not dry the jacket fabric with intense heat. This can damage the fabrics as they were not built to withstand very hot temperatures. 
  3. Do not iron the jackets. For all jackets except the leather use a steamer at 3 inches distance from the fabric to remove and creases. 
  4. Do not tumble dry. This heat will damage your jacket. You don’t want that. 


Leather specific

  1. Don’t wear for too long in the rain. Getting the leather too wet can upset the shape and hold of the fabric. 
  2. If it gets wet then quickly air out in a dry, reasonably hot room. Just leave it to dry naturally and withstand the urge to use intense heat to dry the jacket quicker. 
  3. Bad stains.  Please seek the help of a leather cleaning expert. They have the tools and experience to help bring your jacket back to it’s former glory.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us