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Black Jamm is a London born menswear brand, founded in 2015 by Edward Gotham. Designs from Melissa Valente.

Experimentation with a streetwear label in 2002 at age 14 laid the groundwork for Black Jamm.

10 years later, the vision for a new label was initiated. Although influenced by his early years, his tastes had matured and evolved. A new creative freedom inspired by the decadent rock legends of 80s and 90s which connected with him in his teenage years.

The result is a luxury aesthetic, peppered with some attitude. Throwin’ a bit of London grit for good measure.

We create statement menswear articles that are not aligned to any one trend. Designs that last a decade not a season.


All articles are made in London, UK in small batches.

“The pursuit of creativity is a goal far more rewarding than any wealth or possession could bring”